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General outlook on life:

Sexy, happy, proud and smiling because of a life based on the stars, the moon, rainbows, water, wind and all the beautiful, natural things on earth. "When you are alone and the trials of life become complicated," says Elaine, "concentrating on the beautiful things around you like the flowers and trees can help you survive and forget the tough times."


Future Events:

Benidorm, Spain Visit

Elaine will be visiting Benidorm, Spain for a week commencing Tuesday 24th October 2017 ...... Watch this space for further updates!!!

Elaine says, "if anyone wants to see me for interviews, requests or photo shoots, please contact me."


Past Events:

MTV 2006

Elaine filmed a series of shows which were shown on MTV.

2005 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

August 2005, Elaine told the story of her own life at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at "The Theatre Workshop", in the city centre. This show was about life and what I believe in .....about the way I feel inside. "The way I feel inside is not the way people see me on the outside".

The show depicted Elaine Davidson's Life in Brazil through to today. The audience felt many differing emotions during the hour long play, from sadness through to laughter.


2005 "Don Francisco Presenta" Chat show


In February 2005 Elaine went to Miami, Florida to make a guest star appearance on the Don Francisco Presenta show on the Univision National Television Network. This was aired across many states in the US and also in Mexico and other South American countries.